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While there are many products in the market which claim to completely cure menopause, Menozac and Amberen have been proven to be the two most effective ones. This is because they do not “cure” menopause, they cure the symptoms. Menopause is not disease, just like menstruation is no disease. It is a period of discomfort, but it is faced by all.

A woman’s body is a work of art, at least for most men. Women on the other hand know the price of this beauty – menstruation, labor pains, menopause etc. are specially the times when the physical labor of being a woman takes its toll. While many think that menopause will be welcome since there will be no more periods, the changes they suffer during this period makes it far from a relief.

Menozac vs AmberenMany women have tired HRT, that is, Hormone replacement therapy, only to realize the gruesome side effects it has – some clinical trials even point towards uterus cancer. Menozac and Amberen have been the two products that have created ripples in the market of drugs meant for relief from Menopause symptoms.

But which one is better? In the war between the two best menopause treatments, Menozac v/s Amberen, we bring you some crucial points that will help you decide in the favor of one versus the other. An honest Menozac v/s Amberen review, as this one aims to be, will talk about the pros and cons of both. After all, some drugs suits some women better, despite our claims, and it is up to each one to decide what suits her constitution in Menozac v/s Amberen.

Menozac Vs Amberen

Amongst the most important criteria in Menozac v/s Amberen race, here is how both score:

Reduction in hot flushesHighly effective in reducing hot flushes; in most of the cases, they vanish completely.Effective in reducing hot flushes, but not eradicating them completely.
Reduction in Vaginal drynessKnown to be the best product available to cure vaginal dryness.Does alleviate the symptoms of vaginal dryness.
Managing sleep patternsWorks great for most people who had problems in falling asleep in the night, or woke up again and again during the night.Known to be highly effective, more so than Menozac in some cases to bring sleep patterns back to normal, thus reducing irritability.
Reduction in anxietyExcellent in treating feelings of anxiety and dread.Known to work extremely well in some cases to alleviate anxiety.
Reduction in depressionContains special ingredients which are mood-uppers, and thus is the best rated menopause product to manage feelings of gloom and melancholia.Not as efficient in managing feelings of depression, but is known to have a calming effect on mood swings.
Reduction in fatigueNot particularly famous for reducing fatigue, but the anti-depression factor plays an important part in alleviating fatigue that is psychological.Very efficient in managing feelings of physical fatigue.
Reduction in bloatingExtremely effective in reducing bloating of body parts, specially abdomen. Makes one feel thinner, and more energetic.Not particularly known for having any effects on bloating.
Managing urinary changesManages urinary changes, like frequent urination quite well; very similar results to Amberen.Moderately effective in regulating the urinary changes felt during menopause.
Return of libidoHighly effective, more so than Amberen in increasing the sex drive. Coupled with reduction in vaginal dryness, this is the perfect treatment for any sexual dysfunction caused during menopause.Not known for having any effect on the libido, or any increase in the sex drive of a woman.
Reduction of night sweatsModerately effective in treating night sweats, results vary from person to person. Some have claimed complete effectiveness.Highly effective for night sweats, most women claim it nearly eradicates the same.
Reduction in appetite changesMenozac has shown total effectiveness in getting the normal appetite back, leading neither to over-eating which leads to weight gain, no under-eating which can cause havoc with the system during this hormonal change.Amberen does not work well in returning the body back to normal appetite.
Managing weight gainWorks really well in managing weight gain, since many women tend to put on weight during menopause. It also takes care of bloating and over eating, being more effective than other drugs.Not as good as Menozac in controlling weight changes, but has been effective for many women at the same time.
Side effectsMenozac can cause slight nausea in first week as reported by a small minority of women, and nothing else.Along with nausea, women using Amberen have reported itching and head aches in some cases. A small minority said it made the hot flushes worse.
Value for moneyFor $149.99, one can get unlimited bottles. This one definitely is a steal.There are good offers, and free trials, but nothing as good as unlimited offers.

Overall, in our Menozac v/s Amberen review, our vote is inclined towards Menozac for its all-natural ingredients, and high effectiveness to deal with nearly all menopause symptoms. However, Amberen has been in the market for years, and provided a huge number of women with relief and happiness. In this Menozac vs Amberen race, the decision is eventually yours.

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